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December 4, 2017

► Online Coding Interviews: How Not To Fail? ◄

Nothing can be more terrifying for a software developer than an interview—especially if it is a coding interview on a whiteboard.

Though, with the right preparation and mindset, an interview can actually be something you look forward to as a chance to show your stuff and exhibit your best skills.

I know the above statement may seem difficult to believe, especially if you’ve had not-so-great interview experiences in the past, but I’ve also had some pretty horrible interviews in my career as a software developer, and I’ve learned from those experiences.

This is a new kind of interview that has only really started to appear in earnest in the last few years, but I believe we’ll see more and more interviews conducted in this fashion.
This kind of interview is much like a phone pre-screen, but instead of taking place over the phone, it will take place over a Skype call, or another video chat equivalent, where you will be asked to solve some programming problems or even do pair programming with an interviewer so they can quickly assess your talent remotely.

How to make sure you'll succeed in an online coding interview? Is this even possible?


What most developers don't take into account is that online coding interviews are not something impossible. You should be ready to do what your interviews wants from you.

Wanna know more about how NOT to fail in an online coding interview? Watch this video and find out!

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