123 The EMBARRASSING Start Of Simple Programmer - Simple Programmer Video Podcast

June 8, 2017

We all have something to be embarrassed of and, I must say that, in my case, it was the start of Simple Programmer.

I see a lot of you guys really having a hard time and struggling to start something new, due to the fear of it being "bad". At the same if, you can't prevent something from being bad, especially if you're just starting out and you know nothing about such subjects.

This is why I decided to share, in this video, the worst Simple Programmer videos. As I was starting out, I knew NOTHING about videos and how to talk in front of a camera. I had a squeaky voice, my sentences were weak and I looked nervous in front of the camera. This is how bad it was.

So, jump on with me to the past of Simple Programmer and understand why you need to suck in order to become good at what you do.

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