114 Skyrocketing Your Programming Career (With Ben Sullins From Teslanomics) - Simple Programmer Video Podcast

May 30, 2017

I love to receive on this channel people I admire. As you know, I tend to give special attention to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, because I believe it is what makes people's life much much better.

Today, I decided to give Ben Sullins the chance to share his AMAAAZING story with you, so we could help more and more programmers around the world.

"As a life-long data geek, Ben dedicates his time helping others use data wisely. He makes information meaningful and has fun doing it.

His background affords him a unique set of knowledge that sets him apart in the data community. During his sixteen years of industry experience, he has consulted many high-tech companies including Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Cisco, Mozilla, Pluralsight and Genentech on democratizing data in their organizations. Moreover, Ben spent three months leading the charge at Facebook to grow its data culture by demonstrating proper tool implementation and data visualization techniques using Tableau. And with this expertise, Ben aims to provide exceptional service to his customers by enriching their lives with impactful smart data."
(Source: https://bensullins.com/about/)

Stay with us and learn how to skyrocket your career.

Teslanomics YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEbf0-PoSuHD0TgMbxomDg

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